Will You be Right or Happy?

by Candace on February 10, 2010

Living your life analyzing each decision and move through a list of pros and cons might make your argument accurate and right but it will make your life as dreary as a spread sheet.  Being right will give you a moment of glory and a life of resentment. A life without passion is a miserable tedious existence.

In life no one really teaches us how to make decisions that lead us into happiness. For me it was a long road of trial and error.  Most of my training came from the business world.  It was about analyzing each and every detail and the financial consequences of each action.  No one was interested in the personal consequences of each action only the bottom line.

Before I left the corporate world as a Facility Manager I was able to find a way to use the bottom line that made the corporation ecstatic and created environments that empowered the employees and made them feel valued.  That was my passion!

Most of us have come to know and use this decision making process. Heck there are even seminars on how to do this.  Unfortunately this mechanical behavior now pervades our personal lives and we calculate each and every interpersonal decision based upon the good and the bad, the right and the wrong, the yes the no.

One cannot put the fluidity of emotion into a mechanics of a document.  Life’s decisions were never meant to be lived from a spread sheet.  This type of decision making in our personal lives leads to a cold and calculated life void of love, joy and happiness.

What happened to our passion?  Do you really think that Bill Gates was in his garage making each and every decision on a spread sheet?  Most of what he was doing was ground breaking and there was no data to compare against.  He had a passion and vision for what he was doing.

Following your passion will lead you to passion in your life, your relationships, your career, your business.  If you look at the most successful people in the world you will see that each of them have passion.

It is the spread sheet people who live the lives of mediocrity. They have been taught to choose the safe and common course instead of stepping out and living a life of possibilities.  Yes you may have more challenges when you step outside of the box and live for passion but your life will be  filled with joy and happiness for you and all you come in contact with.

If you have been caught on this tread mill of decision making and don’t feel any passion it is time to step off and seek your passion.

Now I am not suggesting that you through caution to the wind, but I am saying to follow what you are passionate about.

“It is the Soul’s duty to be loyal to its own desires.”  Rebecca West

If it moves your heart and spirit follow it, run after it, embrace it, FIGHT FOR IT ,  hold on to it and never let it go!

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