Will You Accept Less Than?

by Candace on February 13, 2010

Will you accept less than you desire because something is better than nothing?
Will you fill your cup with mediocrity because the void is unbearable?
Will you consent to unhappiness because you don’t have the patience for your desires to manifest?

Something is not better that nothing,
The void is the opportunity for your desire,
Patience is belief.

When you keep your life full there is no room for the Universe to bring you your desire.  Learning to make the void your friend and enjoying the journey will avail you to having it all.

It is your lack of belief that the Universe will provided all that you desire that is responsible for settling.

As above so below, your belief in the Universe will grow as you take notice of it in action.  The seed falls from the tree and in time the seed becomes a seedling and then a tree.  Your desires are the seed.  You must give them time to grow.

It is when you think that you dis-believe and the struggle begins.  When you live from the heart you enjoy the journey and there is no concern for filling the void.  Before you know it your desires are right in front of you.

Release the struggle, live from the heart and all your desires will be yours.

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