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“No man is an island.” I remember I was young when I first heard this phrase and really did not understand it. That which you seek to understand you will create; this is a law of the Universe. So the Universe created the circumstance for me to lean and understand what this really means. And now I do and I would not trade this experience for anything. I am a more loving and compassionate person because of it.


If everything is divine then the timing of it’s manifestation is also divine.


Is It Possible That You Are Your Own Worst Enemy?

by Candace on February 18, 2010

Opportunity abounds, the Universe provides you everything you ask for. You just have to be willing to and have the vision to see the possibilities. Just like Roger Bannister. Everyone but Roger Bannister thought it impossible to run a 4 minute mile. He was open to and had the ability to see and believe that is was possible.

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Will You Accept Less Than?

by Candace on February 13, 2010

Will you accept less than you desire because something is better than nothing?
Will you fill your cup with mediocrity because the void is unbearable?
Will you consent to unhappiness because you don’t have the patience for your desires to manifest?


Candace Exposed!

by Candace on February 8, 2010

Welcome to Becoming Candace. Some of you might think how egotistical, others may say who is this girl? Well keep reading and you will find out. I have been prodded, encouraged, and moved to begin sharing my journey, story, thoughts and words with anyone who chooses to partake, in hopes that it may offer some insight into your own life.

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