Is It Possible That You Are Your Own Worst Enemy?

by Candace on February 18, 2010

For thousands of years no one could break the 4 minute mile.  Even the Roman gladiators with the greatest of motivation being chased by lions could not do it.  No one believed it possible until 1954  when Roger Banister was the first. Then shortly after 32 others were able to follow in his footsteps.  Why?  Because Roger Banister BELIEVED it was possible.

If you are familiar with my writing you know that I often say:  “We live in an abundant Universe” or “The Universe provides”.

Well it is and it does!  Opportunity abounds, the Universe provides you everything you ask for.  You just have to be willing to and have the vision to see the possibilities.  Just like Roger Banister.  Everyone but Roger Banister thought it impossible to run a 4 minute mile.  He was open to and had the ability to see and believe that is was possible.

The Universe is so great but as humans we see the Universe through the filter of limitation.  When most people ask the Universe for something, they dictate through the filter of limitation how it should come to be.   THE UNIVERSE IS NOT LIMITED, so when it provides, it may not look like what you think it should.

The Universe will knock on your door, but will you open it and walk through it?  Will you hold on so tightly to what is and refuse to see what could be because it does not look like, smell like, sound like what you think it should?

I must admit for the greater part of my life I did exactly this.  It is only because I have been lifting this veil that I can write to you about the reality of it all.

We all have free will.  The Universe provides opportunity; it is free will that allows you to remain stuck in your paradigm of choice blinded to opportunity or to open yourself up to unlimited possibilities.   Carpe Diem!

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