Candace Exposed!

by Candace on February 8, 2010

Welcome to Becoming Candace.  Some of you might think how egotistical, others may say who is this girl?  Well keep reading and you will find out. I have been prodded, encouraged, and moved to begin sharing my journey, story, thoughts and words with anyone who chooses to partake, in hopes that it may offer some insight into your own life.

Now for me this is a scary proposition for I am a highly private person.  My websites have been on line since 1994 and it was only a few years ago that I would even put my name or picture on my site.  I live in a small community and some might even call me a hermit.  Judgment is a wicked thing and I have shied away from it for years.  But I am coming out of my box!  And will share with you all how I have Become Candace.  Kindness is appreciated (as this will be a topic for another day).

Today my thoughts are on choices because a dear friend asked me yesterday about right and wrong choices.

As I look back on my own life I see the choices that have brought me to my life today.  The first things that pop out are the big events like graduating high school, what college I attended, relocating for my career, leaving one job for another.

All of these choices definitely had a big impact on my life in terms of my placement in life.  But I find that the choices that seem very small are the ones that have had the biggest consequences: words, listening and people.

I find that the English language is so large but there never seems to be just the right word for what I want to say.  This is why I believe that it is the essence of the person that must be the filter for the words that you hear. Even right now I wonder if I am clearly delivering my message in this technologically hindered format.  What I have learned from years of taking my foot out of my mouth is to think first about how my message will be received, speak slowly and be passionate about what you have to say.  If you don’t have passion most likely you should keep your thoughts to yourself.

Being an Aries I am prone to taking action before thinking or listening.  It has taken me far too many years to really understand why we have two ears and one mouth. And even still today I talk more than I should.   It is in the listening to what the Universe has to say that the clarity of your life is exposed and the Universe speaks to you through many means not just people

When you are driving to the store and your knowingness tells you to take the first right turn instead of the one you usually do and you run into the person who points you in the direction of your hearts desire.  Coincidence is the vehicle of the Universe. Keep listening to it.

People are probably the most important element of life. Although they can be problemsom without them life would be a dreary existence. What I have found is that the most important choices that I have made are about the people that I choose to surround myself with.  It is these people who influence my choices and my choices are my destiny.

Enough about my choices and back to my friends question on right and wrong choices ……there are no wrong (or insignificant) choices there are just choices that are creating your future.  The appearance of a new choice is just your higher self creating the opportunity for you to choose what desire you want to manifest.

You have the desire and the Universe presents you with choices.  It is then up to you to take the action necessary to bring your desire into fruition.

Each choice you make takes you down a path of your choosing.  If you don’t like the path somewhere along it you will make another choice that will take you on another journey.  There is nothing wrong with this, it is just a journey.

Your path is not somewhere you are going it is what you are creating.  Your destiny is not to be found.  It is for you to create through the choices that you make.

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