Are You Cooperating with The Timeline of Manifestation?

by Candace on February 23, 2010

If everything is divine then the timing of it’s manifestation is also divine.

Is patience required?  Is it even necessary?  What happens in the in-between time, the time between when you ask for what you want and the time it manifests? 

We live in a microwave society. Instant everything!  Instant coffee, instant internet, instant information.  We are so used to getting stuff instantly that we want everything instantly including the things we have no immediate control over.

We are so tied into believing only what we can see that we no longer believe in the PROCESS of manifestation. Yes, it is a process. The moment you ask the stuff of the Universe moves to create your desire. As long as you remain in harmony with the energy of your desire it continues in the process of manifestation. 

The problem lies in our dis-belief of the unseen stuff.  In the moments that the stuff of the Universe is in process, it is the not seeing that creates dis-belief and the disharmony of energy.  When your energy shifts into dis-harmony from your original desires, the stuff of the Universe moves to creating/matching this new energy of dis-harmony.  The energy of your original desire is put on hold and the stuff of the Universe moves to create/match your current energy. 

What you focus on is what you get.  This is why the in-between time is probably the most important time in the process of manifestation, the time between when you ask and when you receive.  It is this time that determines the time-line of manifestation.

This in-between time in when you must hold the energy field of your desire.  When you wavier, question, doubt you delay the physical manifestation.  Keeping your desire to yourself is helpful in maintaining your energy field.  Remembering that everything is in your best and highest good (even when it does not appear to be) will assist the process.  When your desire is delayed (delayed of course based upon your timeline) the Universe is at work to bring you your desire in a way that is as good if not better than your desire.

The Universe also plays a part in the timeline.  Each and every one of us is a tool of the Universe.  You meet someone who introduces you to someone who introduces you to the person you are supposed to meet to satisfy your desires.  If the person you met is not cooperating with the Universe is could delay the timeline but the Universe will find an alternative method of delivery.

It is not patience; it is in believing in the power and grandeur of the Universe.  Your manifestation is in your knowing that the Universe provides all that you ask for!

I know from experience that things are not always as they appear.  Surprisingly, a relationship ends only to lead you to the person you are supposed to be with. 

In my life I have come to not question the ways of the Universe because my desires are always provided in a way grander than I could have imaged.  I am always in awe of how the Universe works and creates.

Now, this does not mean that I don’t get impatient!  I am human but I do return to my knowing and belief and hold my course.  Because I have built these muscles of belief in the unseen there are times when my requests are answered within hours and minutes.  Then there are times when the manifestation takes months and even years but in each case I return and hold to the energy of the desire and know that the Universe is providing in my best and highest good.

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