About Candace My Story to Self Discovery

by Candace on January 18, 2010

I specifically remember the day that my journey to self discovery began.  I was in 7th grade.  From what I had experienced and perceived in my short life I knew that there was more.  There had to be more…

So I was off to the local library to find the answers.  I did not know what I was looking for, no idea where to start and I was only a very naïve 12 years old.   I was not very successful.  In those days there weren’t many self help gurus.

I remember being so disappointed.  I had to stuff that knowingness …that there was more to life …deep down inside and just get on with life just like everybody else was doing.

So I stuffed it down deep and tried to forget that feeling.  I loved playing sports; hockey, basketball and softball.  In high school I played on the school teams even was a cheerleader (you can see my picture in the header graphic).  This kept me so busy that I soon forgot about the feeling…

Years later I was in the corporate world struggling with a boss who was challenged by me.  I remember it being a very difficult time but I persevered.  Then one day I got a new boss, one who believed in me.

This was my story, the beginning of my self discovery.

A new boss that was the beginning or should I say a re-opening to that feeling I had as an adolescent.

I began taking meditation classes….WOW!!!!  Them I came upon Feng Shui, the science and art of subtle energy.

I had already been practicing Interior Design for more that 14 years and had been a Facility Manager for 5 years.  I was working in a corporate headquarters of a fortune 100 Company as a Facility Manager. You know the 9 to whatever job.

I had huge responsibilities and was owned by the corporation.   Investing heavily in real estate to insure a stable future, my home was my investment.  Nothing went into my homes except those things that appreciated the value of the home.

I had a plan, buying real estate, living in it while I renovated it and turning it over a soon as possible.  I had a really good sense for this and was doing pretty well on the investment front.

But my life was miserable.  Other than a job that owned my soul and spending every moment of free time working on appreciating paper money, I had nothing in my life bringing me joy or happiness.

It was after learning meditation when I found Feng Shui that my life started to change.  As I look back now, it was so subtle  (ha, ha, ha). After I started meditating and practicing Feng Shui changes started happening in my life.  At that time I did not even tie it to meditation & Feng Shui, but in retrospect I know they altered the course of my life.

Today I live in one of the most desired areas of the world and I have more joy and happiness in my life than one person could ask for.  Most people say I am lucky but it’s not luck, it’s tapping into the subtle energy of life.

If you feel like you are trying to push a ball uphill or you feel like no matter how hard you try, just can’t get ahead or if you are stuck in the drudgery of life, I am here to tell you that there is more, lot’s more!

And it is through self discovery that you will find it.  May you enjoy the journey!

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